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Shower Tub Install & Repair

Are you currently having “shaths?” 

You know when you have a shower but it doesn’t drain properly so you’re standing in a few inches of water? 

It’s basically a shower bath. And we can all agree it’s gross.

Do you still have draining problems after you clean all the hair and gunk out of the drain?

 Then give Edmonton’s The Gentlemen Pros a call. 

Shower or tub installation in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer Alberta

Our expert and courteous plumbers are on hand to help, no matter what your bathroom plumbing problem is.

We can repair:
Leaky taps
Leaky shower heads
Clogged drains and pipes
Noisy pipes

We are also available to help you install your new shower or bathtub.

Our number is (780) 701-9965, we’d love to give you a hand.

Shower & Bathtub Trivia

Do you enjoy long showers? The record for the world’s longest shower is 340 hours and 40 minutes. That’s 14.2 days — two full weeks — spent under a showerhead. Kevin “Catfish” McCarthy completed this feat in April 1985 at Buffalo State College in upstate New York.

The first shower in space happened in 1973. The astronauts stood inside a circle on the floor and lifted a circular curtain that attached to the ceiling. The shower hose then sprayed them with 2.8 litres of water which then had to be vacuumed up when the astronauts were done showering.

The world’s largest bath bomb weighed in at 90.1 kg (198.63 lbs). Can you imagine the size of the bathtub you’d need to enjoy that bath bomb?

The record for the fastest shower is held by Noah Riffe. It was 36.1 seconds long. That’s a fast shower!

Have you ever heard of the Navy shower? It’s a showering technique that originated with the military that significantly conserves water. Basically, you jump in, get wet, then turn the water off. Yes, I know this doesn’t make sense but bear with me. You then lather yourself up and then you turn the water back on giving yourself a quick rinse. The running time off the water can be less than two minutes.

The technique started on navy ships where there was limited fresh water. It allowed the crew to stay clean and still conserve the ship’s water supply.

It is also called the “military shower”, the “sea shower”, the “combat shower”, the “G.I. bath”, and the “combat shower”.

If you want a more comfortable way to use less water than a Navy shower, look for a showerhead with a WaterSense label. WaterSense products meet the U.S. EPA’s water efficiency and performance specifications.

Some of the requirements (all verified by a third-party independent tester) a WaterSense showerhead must meet are:
Using 20 percent less water than average usage of non-WaterSense showerheads.
Performing as well or better than less efficient showerheads.
Providing measurable water saving results.

Archimedes discovered the physics of displacement while in his tub. He had been tasked with determining if the gold crown for Hieron, the King of Syracuse, was made of pure gold as the goldsmith claimed.

Hieron had given the goldsmith a specific amount of gold to make his crown. After receiving the crown, Hieron heard rumours the goldsmith had cheated him and replaced some of the gold with silver. He turned to Archimedes to find a way to prove if the crown was made with the gold or not.

Archimedes struggled to come up with a way to determine if the crown was or wasn’t made with the amount of gold given to the goldsmith by King Hieron. That was until he had a bath. Archimedes noticed that as he got into the bath, water spilled over the edges. The more he sunk into the bath, the more water poured out of the tub.

He realised he could take the crown and the amount of gold Hieron had given the goldsmith and submerge them individually in a tub of water. He could then measure how much water was displaced (pushed out of the tub) by each object. And if the crown displaced less water than the gold, the King would know the goldsmith cheated him.

It is said when Archimedes discovered this, he ran home — naked — shouting Eureka!, Greek for “I got it”. That must have been quite the sight.

Bathtubs can get extravagantly expensive.

The most expensive bathtub in the world was brought to us by designer Nigel Fenwick. He carved it out of a piece of petrified wood found deep in the Indonesian rainforest and estimated to be 180 million years old.

He used special diamond blades to create the bathtub, called “The Jewel” out of the 14 ton (12.7 tonne) piece of petrified wood. Fenwick then spent eight months polishing it.

Price tag? $2.7 million Canadian dollars.

Bathtubs aren’t the only bathroom fixture that can get expensive. One of the top luxury showers is the Omega Morpheus by Jacuzzi. It was designed by Pininfarina, an Italian design firm renowned for its luxury Italian sport car designs.

This shower boasts a steam generator, a teak ergonomically designed seat, four-hydro massage jets, a raindrop shower head, and a waterfall feature.

It can be yours for only $37,000 CAD.

The heart-shaped bathtub was created by Morris B. Wilkins for his Poconos resort Cove Haven in 1963. There are a couple different stories on how he came up with the idea. One is that he came up with the idea when he and his business partner, Harold “Obie” O’Brien were carrying a hot tub down some stairs. As you can imagine, it was a very awkward job. When they got to the bottom, they pushed in one side of the hot tub (it was made of a very pliable material) to make it around the corner. They noticed the hot tub was now shaped like a heart.

Another story is Wilkins got the idea in the middle of the night while sketching a heart on a concrete floor.

He made the first six heart shaped tubs himself using concrete. Eventually all of Cove Haven’s 236 rooms had a heart-shaped tub. When he and his partner sold the hotel and bought others, they brought along the heart-shaped tub design.

In 1971, Life included a photograph of the heart-shaped tub in its magazine and the bathtub skyrocketed in popularity. Especially among hotels who catered to honeymooners. 

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