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Electrical Inspection and Testing

Take care of your electrical system and have it inspected and tested by our reliable Calgary electricians.

Need an electrical inspection and testing? Call 403 879-1759 & our electricians will take care of it for you.

Bathroom Lighting, installation of bathroom light by an electrician in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer

Take care of your family by taking care of your home’s electrical system. The majority of our home’s electrical system is behind walls, so you can’t see what’s happening. So stop worrying and have one of our licensed electricians inspect and test your entire electrical system.

Why Should I Get a Safety Electrical Inspection and Testing Done?

An electrical inspection and testing help determine if your electrical system and its parts (fixtures, outlets, switches, etc.) are safe for use.


If you aren’t sure you need an electrical inspection, here are some great reasons:

  • To make sure your house is safe to live in
  • To identify electrical problems before they happen so you can proactively address them
  • To confirm that recently completed electrical work was done correctly
  • To meet regulatory and/or insurance requirements
  • To uncover issues that need immediate attention
  • To identify future upgrades
  • To ensure your system can accommodate planned increases in electrical needs, e.g. more outlets, a renovated basement, an air conditioning unit
  • To prevent future problems.


Our skilled electricians will carry out a set of procedures and look at every single piece of your electrical system. We even conduct a thermal scan looking for hotspots. This is very important because a majority of house fires are caused by an electrical malfunction or failure. 


Once the safety inspection and testing are complete, our professional electricians will review and explain their findings and recommendations to you. Don’t worry we will answer every question you have.


To book an electrical safety inspection and testing you have three options:

  1. Call (403) 879-1759 and our helpful customer service team will take care of you.
  2. Fill out our online form and we will quickly get back to you.
  3. Select the Chat With Us icon at the bottom of the page to start an online chat with us.

Electrician FAQs

What exactly goes into the making of an electrician? What are the different types of electricians and what do they do?

We have the answers.

What exactly does an electrician do?

The simple answer is electricians specialise in electrical wiring and the repair and maintenance of electrical systems. 


To do this they need to have a solid knowledge of electricity and electrical systems and a wide range of skills. An electrician’s general duties include:

  • Reading and interpreting electrical blueprints 
  • Installing and repairing electrical cables 
  • Inspecting electrical equipment and advice on hazards 
  • Supervising apprentice electricians 
  • Ensuring provincial regulations and Canadian Electrical Codes are adhered to 
  • Properly and safely using electrical equipment to identify electrical faults 
  • Maintaining and installing fibre optic systems 
  • Ensuring the integrity and safety of electrical circuits

What is a Red Seal electrician?

A Red Seal electrician is a journeyperson electrician who did their training and apprenticeship program in a different province. A journeyperson electrician can take the Interprovincial Exam and if they pass, they receive a Red Seal allowing them to work in other provinces.

What is an apprentice electrician?

An apprentice electrician is a trainee who is working under the supervision of a journeyperson electrician.

Every jurisdiction has different training and apprentice requirements. In Alberta

  • The apprenticeship term is four years, four 12-month periods
  • A minimum of 1,560 hours of on-the-job training under the supervision of a journeyperson electrician
  • In each of the first three years, the apprentice must complete eight weeks of classroom training
  • 1,440 hours of on-the-job training must be completed in the first three years of the apprenticeship
  • In the final and fourth year of the apprenticeship, the apprentice must complete 12 weeks of classroom training and the remaining on-the-job training
  • In the final period of their apprenticeship training, an apprentice can write the Interprovincial Exam and if they are successful receive a Red Seal

Once an apprentice successfully completes their apprenticeship program they will receive a journeyperson certificate and an Advanced Diploma.

An apprentice follows the directions of the supervising electrician and assists the electrician as directed. An apprentice’s tasks and responsibilities will increase as they progress through the apprenticeship program and their knowledge and skills increase.

What Is a Master Electrician?

In Alberta, master electricians are a regulated profession and are the only contractors who can get electrical permits in the province.

Their main responsibilities are:

  • Providing oversight of permitted work
  • Conducting themselves in an ethical and professional manner 
  • Maintaining their certificates of responsibilities

To be certified as a master electrician, a journeyperson electrician must:

  • Have a minimum of three years of experience within the previous five years
  • Pass the two-part Master Electrician exam administered by the Safety Codes Council with an average grade of at least 75 percent, while getting no less than 65 percent on either part 

Master electricians are required to renew their qualifications every year. In addition, the electrical code book is updated every three years, and master electricians are required to take a refresher course and recertify based on the new edition. 

What Is a Residential Electrician?

A residential electrician works in private residences. They can install the electrical in new builds, perform maintenance to ensure the homeowner’s safety, and conduct repairs and upgrades in existing homes.

What Is a Commercial Electrician?

A commercial electrician works in buildings for public use, including:

  • Office parks 
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Malls
  • Schools


The buildings commercial electricians work in are more varied and usually more complex than your average home. Their jobs are similar to residential electricians though they do work with special health and safety equipment, oversized appliances, specialised appliances, large heating and air conditioning units, and higher voltage electrical systems.


A commercial electrician will also work with different equipment, setups, materials, load demands, and energy needs than a residential electrician. For example, most houses have a single-phase design whereas many commercial buildings require a three-phase design.

What Is an Industrial Electrician?

An industrial electrician works in higher-risk and heavy-duty environments. Environments like:

  • Factories
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Chemical plants
  • Mines
  • Electrical power plants
  • Production facilities

They work in higher voltage and more complex environments than both residential and commercial electricians.

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