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Electrical Home Inspections in Edmonton

If you are wondering about the electrical quality and status of your home, or if you need a professional electricians advice on updating and modernizing your home, we offer home electrical inspection services.

Electrical Inspection, Electrical panel inspection, Electrician inspecting the electrical panel in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer
Edmonton Electrical Panel Inspections

We take our home’s electrical system for granted and it’s great when it works. We really only think of it when something goes wrong. We even ignore small things like flickering lights and only call in an electrician when something actually fails which can be costly and dangerous. An inspection will identify things before it’s too late.

There are two main types of electrical inspections:

  1. A municipal (city, town, district, etc.) electrical inspection is done during renovations and new construction. They are performed by an inspector for your local municipality, are a regulatory inspection, and are mandatory. They make sure the installation of wiring and equipment is completed per the Canadian Electrical Code and local building codes.

  • Having completed and approved permits allow future buyers to verify that the work was inspected by your local municipality.

  1. A general electrical inspection — also called a safety electrical inspection — is done by a qualified master electrician to find electrical issues in your home. They will compile a report outlining any issues and upgrades that can be made.

You most likely have heard of the first, the municipal inspection, and are less familiar with a general electrical inspection.

When do I get a regulatory inspection?

When you are doing renovations, your municipality will tell you at what point during your project inspections will occur. These are mandatory. You can find this information on your municipality’s website and when you apply for the applicable permits. 

There are usually more than one inspection — at least one at the rough-in stage and one at completion — and definitely more if you fail any of the inspections. 

If you are doing work without a permit and the municipality finds out (maybe a neighbor files a report), a surprise inspection will happen. Fines and punishments could be handed out if an electrician is found to be doing unpermitted work.

When should I get a general electrical inspection?

  • If your house is over 20 years old and has never had an inspection.

  • When you have an electrical problem.

  • Before doing renovations. You want to make sure your current electrical system can handle the demands of the planned new outlets and fixtures.

  • When you buy or sell a house. The inspection protects the buyer from hidden electrical issues. And the inspector’s list of issues and recommendations can protect the seller from post-sale requests to fix electrical problems.

  • When your home has received water damage. The water could have also affected your electrical system.

  • When required by your home insurance provider.

  • It’s recommended to have an electrical safety inspection done every two years.

Why get an electrical inspection?

  • To meet regulatory requirements.

  • To ensure your home is safe to live in.

  • To identify potential future problems. 

  • To prevent possible problems.

  • To detect issues that need urgent repair.

  • To identify needed upgrades.

Why are electrical inspections important?

  • The majority of house fires are due to an electrical failure or malfunction.

  • They uncover hidden electrical issues.

  • Small electrical problems can compromise the integrity of your entire electrical system.

  • They help to eliminate risks to you and your family — electrical issues can cause minor to serious burns, even death.

After your inspection make sure you get the signed off safety certificate.

It is always better to identify future problems before they become existing ones. It is safer and usually more cost-efficient. At the minimum, electrical inspections will give you peace of mind which can be hard to come by in this day and age.

Electrical Inspection and Upgrades in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer
  • Inspections for future home selling to ease buyers mind
  • Inspect completed electrical work
  • Professional, highly trained electricians
  • Older homes inspection
  • Thermal imaging to check for hidden hot spots
  • Professional and standard checklist
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