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Organic Drain Cleaners Edmonton

While some home expenses are easy to anticipate, others sneak up on you. Sewer issues can become major expenses before you know there is a problem. 

A safe way to stop drains from clogging is by adding a bacterial microbe solution to the drain and sewer lines.

 Establishing a balance of bacteria to consume organic build-up in your sewer lines is one of the best ways to maintain your plumbing. A bacterial cleaner will begin to consume waste residue that often forms clogs in drains and sewer lines. 

BioOne introduces bacteria in your sewer pipes that will naturally break down organic matter. It is the gift that keeps on giving, as the microbes establish themselves in the drain.

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What clogs drains the most?

preventable drain clogs

Drains will get blocked when the wrong things get flushed down the toilet. “Flushable” wipes, hygiene items, and food bits are common culprits.

More often clogs are formed when fat, oil, and grease (known as FOG) build up inside the drain. FOG enters the drain pipe in a liquid state, but as it cools FOG builds up in the interior of the pipe. 

Soap leaves an oily residue and builds up in the drain. Just like a soap residue will leave a ring in the bathtub, soap will leave a residue in the drain pipe. Your bathtub gets a regular clean, but your drain pipe doesn’t.

 soap scum

Likewise, soap scum builds ups in the drain. Soap scum is the product of soap and hard water. When soap comes into contact with water that has dissolved minerals (hard water) the byproduct is soap scum.

Hair, dental floss, foot bits or hygiene item, create a structure for the FOG and soap scum to latch onto. Or, FOG and soap scum can build up in the pipe and then catch on food bits, hair etc. as it flows through the drain. As these items try to move through the drain they move through the drain, they may get clogged. The clog becomes larger as FOG and waste catch on the clog.

How do you unclog a drain without anything?

The best way to unclog your drains without a plumber is to reintroduce bacteria into your drain lines. We often use products, that unknowingly, are destroying the bacteria balance in your sewer system. Just as we add probiotics to our diet after taking antibiotics, bacteria reintroduced to the sewer help break down fog and waste inside the drain pipes.
BioOne is a natural drain cleaner that introduces bacteria microbes that digest the organic build-up, and other matter that builds up in drains pipes, sewer lines and septic tanks.

BioOne is better than similar products. Rather than liquifying FOG, BioOne microbes consume FOG, leaving behind only water and CO2.

Why do my drains keep clogging?

Commonly drains clog because the wrong things are flushed down the sink and toilet. Top on the list of things not to flush are fats, oils and grease, (FOG).

Paper towels, “flushable” wipes, hygiene items, and hair and food bits are also common causes of clogs. These things in combination with FOG make havoc on your sewer system.

Unfortunately, when FOG is flushed down the drain, it solidifies as it cools and collects in the pipes. Wipes, paper towels, and tampons will absorb the FOG trapping it and creating a bigger clog. Foot bits, hair and waste also collect FOG creating and growing drain clogs.

Drain pipes inside the house, are different than the main sewer line, which is the pipe that connects your wastewater to the city sewer line. In Edmonton and throughout Alberta, most likely the pipe is buried deep beneath the ground. If the main sewer line is clogged it is a much bigger issue than a drain pipe in your home. Read about the main sewer line.

BioOne introduced to the sewer system will consume FOG that builds up in the drain and in the main sewer line. Over time as the bacteria establishes, the amount of build-up in the drain and sewer line is reduced, allowing waste to travel through the sewer line without clogging.

Which types of substances should not be flushed down the drain?

Many caustic chemicals when flushed through the sewer system kill the active bacteria that naturally break down organic waste in the sewer lines.

It is important to re-establish the needed bacteria in your drain lines if you have flushed strong chemicals down your sink.

Paint thinners, gasoline, bleach, and cleaning solvents can disrupt the bacterial balance needed in healthy sewer lines.

Can you use a degreaser to unclog a drain? (h2)

A degreaser is not ideal for your drains. A degreaser will move grease by emulsifying it into a liquid state, but unfortunately, the grease can solidify again further down the pipe.

The bacterial microbes in BioOne digest and consume grease, leaving only water and CO2. Although it takes time for the bacteria to consume the FOG (fat, oil and grease) and build up in the sewer line, it will continue to break down the waste over time.

What is the best drain cleaner for grease?

When big clogs build up in the drain pipe, usually an auger is the best solution to clear the clog.

The best drain cleaner is maintaining your drain, to prevent needing a cleaner.

The best way to maintain your drain is BioOne, a specialized bacterial cleaner with microbes that will consume the build-up of grease, as well as fat and oil.

Ideally, grease should never be poured down the drain. Prevent drain clogs by wiping down dishes and skillets with grease residue with a paper towel.

Failing your efforts to keep FOG (fat, oil, and grease) from the drain, a bacterial cleaner, BioOne will digest the build-up in your drains.

The living organisms introduced to your sewer system can create a natural balance that is disrupted when caustic products are flushed down the drain.

Why do plumbers say not to use Drano?

Drano and other chemical drain cleaners can use harsh chemicals to break down drain clogs. The chemical drain cleaner is designed to have a chemical reaction that creates intense heat. The heat is intended to melt the FOG (fat, grease and oil) and break down the clog,

Unfortunately, the harsh chemicals may damage your drain pipe and will kill the bacteria need to naturally break down Fog and organic waste that can collect in your drain pipes. Although the results may be immediate, in the long term waste will continue to build up in the drain pipes.

A natural bacteria cleaner, such as BioOne will not just move the FOG, the cause of many clogs, but actually consumer it down. The FOG will continue to be depleted over time as BIoOne is introduced to the drain. Link for graphic

Over days and weeks, the microbes will consume the buildup in the pipe created by FOG and natural waste.

If you happen to use a chemical drain cleaner, be sure to reintroduce BioOne to establish the balance in your sewer line. Increase the frequency and amount of BioOne added to your sewer line.

Just like adding probiotics to your diet, after taking an antibiotic, “good” bacteria are needed to keep the balance in your sewer line in check.

What is a safe alternative to using a drain cleaner to unclog a clogged drain?

Unclog a backed-up drain using an auger or snake. We recommend having a plumber do this to ensure your pipes are not damaged.

After the clog is cleared the best way to prevent another clog is to use a bacterial cleaner, such as BioOne. BioOne will maintain your drains, keeping them free from organic buildup if it is used regularly.

Harsh chemicals are harmful to the environment and eventually can end up in streams, rivers and ponds.

BioOne, a bacterial microbe solution, is safer for human health and the environment compared to caustic chemical drain cleaners.

BioOne is manufactured to food standards, even though it is not a food product.

Introducing natural bacteria to the drain and sewer lines is the gift that keeps giving. The bacterial microbes continue to digest the FOG and waste that create clogs and backups.

What chemicals do plumbers use to unclog drains?

Plumbers understand that bacteria are needed to break down waste and FOG, (fat, oil and grease) that build up in the drains and sewer lines.

BioOne is a vegetative microbe solution that will digest organic buildup, from waste, soap scum, fat, oil and grease, that collects in the sewer lines.

Plumbers may use a snake to dislodge large clogs, but for preventative measures, plumbers understand a bacterial balance will keep lines and sewer systems in check.

BioOne, a bacterial microbe solution, maintains operation and restores regular flow in drain lines, grease traps and in septic systems.

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