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Electrical Troubleshooting in Edmonton

Electrical issues can be scary and at times make little sense.

Your breakers could be tripping for no apparent reason. Lights could be flickering or dimming with no discernible cause. Maybe your GFI plug is “popping” constantly and you have to continuously reset it. Maybe half of your lights are out, or even your stove, oven or dryer aren’t heating up. Or you just don’t know why some of your plugs aren’t working. There’s even electrical issues that you can’t see, such as outlets and wiring that are running hot, and maybe you smell electrical burning or they’re warm to the touch. Troubleshooting electrical issues require a very skilled electrician as electrical issues can lead to appliance damage, fires, or even personal injury.

Electrical problems, trouble shooting electrical issues, in your home with an electrician in Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer
Edmonton Home Electrical Troubleshooting

Investigating an electrical issue that may seem small can lead to the discovery of additional problems within your electrical system, but it’s important to solve these problems before they cause catastrophic damage. Some of the common issues are faulty wiring, insulation too close to light fixtures causing them to heat up, old plugs and breakers, and overloaded breakers and circuits. 

Whole home surge protection
Electrical Emergency

A power outage in the winter time can be a serious emergency, especially if it isn’t coming from the supply authority side(Enmax). You can be left without your furnace working which can let your house get very cold and could cause water pipes to burst. Typically if you are experiencing an electrical outage it is something to do with your main power lines coming into your house from underground or overhead, depending on the service your house has. 

In these instances it’s best to check to see if your neighbors have no power either, and to check the electrical meter on the side of your house. Then it’s time to call an electrical professional, and we will work with you and Enmax to determine the cause and location of where the issue is coming from and set up a temporary power hookup until the repair can be completed properly and safely.

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