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Upgrading Lighting and Outlets in your Edmonton home.

Imagine being able to see when you’re prepping dinner and having a handy outlet when you need it to charge your phone. This isn’t some dream world. By adding some strategic lighting and new plug-ins, this can be your reality.

Calgary’s Gentlemen Electricians can quickly and safely add new lighting and outlets for you. Our licensed and experienced electricians are punctual, polite, and knowledgeable. In no time, your lighting and outlets will be exactly where you need them.

For “no muss, no fuss” installation, call Calgary’s Gentlemen Electricians today!


Residential electrical service, installing new light fixture, light fixture installation in Calgary Edmonton or Red Deer
Some types of lighting upgrades to add to your house.
  • LED Lights
  • Recessed lights or Pot lights
  • Track Lighting
  • Under Cabinet, Cove lights and soffit lights
  • Wall Scone Lights
  • Chandeliers and Pendant lights

A professional electrician will be able to perform these additions with minimal impact to your home to reduce the amount of drywall damage, as well as working as clean as possible, with a full cleanup after the job is completed. This is possible because of the years of experience on the job, and the care we offer for your home.

There are almost infinite choices for the style of light fixtures that we can assist in narrowing down the type and style that would suit you best. 

Light Fixture Installation
New Plugs and Outlets

Adding new plugs in your home can add versatility and options for plugging your electrical needs in. Most people are looking for an additional location for TV or home office. Damaged plugs are a hazard and will need to be changed out for new ones. Damaged plugs could be burned or brittle, cracks in them or even if they don’t hold your cords in tight, and will need to be changed out for new ones.

Some types of plugs you can upgrade to: 

  • USB plugs
  • Decora style
  • Ground Fault or Arc Fault
  • Upgrading old Bathroom 2 prong outlets to proper GFCI 3 prong outlets
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