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Edmonton Hot Water Tank & Install

Be blasted with cold water in the shower is the worst way to find out your hot water tank isn’t working!

We’re here to guide you through your choices when it comes to hot water tank installation or repairs. 

Our goal is to assist you in keeping your plumbing in great shape and ensuring your hot water tank lasts as long as possible. During the service call we will walk you through steps to maintain your hot water tank that every homeowner should know, but often rarely do.

Hot water tank repair, water heater installation or repair, tankless water heater installation in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer Alberta.

Give Edmonton’s Gentlemen Pros a call and get your hot water working and your day back on track.

Our professional plumbers are knowledgeable, experienced, friendly, and respectful. They will take care of your hot water problems and your home like it is their own.

They will also explain everything that is happening, make recommendations based on what’s is best for your situation, and ensure you are comfortable with the process.

24/7 Emergency Service

We realize that plumbing emergencies don’t just happen during regular business hours. For this reason we answer our phones 24/7 and you can get a hold of us any time of the day. 

So when your hot water goes kaput at 4 a.m. before your early shift, call us and talk to one of our helpful customer service representatives. You don’t need to leave a message and then wait for someone to get back to you.

We will get someone out to you as soon as we can!

The Gentlemen Pros provides water heater service, repair, and replacement for gas and electric tank and tankless models.

Hot Water Tank Maintenance

Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your water heater and catches issues before they become big problems. Nobody likes to come home to a flooded basement because their hot water heater leaked.

We recommend servicing your water heater once a year.

During a water heater service we will:

  • Drain and clean your water heater.
  • Flush any sediment from it.
    Inspect your water heater’s parts including
  • The thermostat.
  • The anode rod.
  • The pressure valve.
  • The pilot light (if you have a gas water heater).
  • The electrical elements (if you have an electric water heater).
  • Check the water heater’s ventilation.
  • Clean and inspect the water heater’s air intake.
  • Check for leaks.
  • Check for mineral build up.
  • Check the water quality.
  • Refill your heater if it is a storage tank model.

Hot Water Repair

Sometimes your water heater just needs a part replaced or a mineral buildup cleared out.

We can do that for you. And you don’t have to wait for us to go back and get the tools and parts we need. We show up at your house with all our tools and the parts need for most repairs.

Hot Water Heater Replacement

If you decide to replace your hot water tank, we will walk you through all the steps. Our knowledgable plumbers and apprentices will make sure you have all the information you need to make a good decision.

One you’ve decided on the type of water heater you want — tank or tankless and gas or electric — we will expertly install it.

We will install it in an area that has good ventilation and is easy to access for maintenance.

Call us and we will make sure you have hot water in no time.

Hot Water Heater Trivia

Did you know that most water heaters have a vacation setting?

They do and if you are going to be away for more than three days, we recommend you use it.

The vacation setting or vacation mode as some call it, heats the water in your water heater to a lower temperature. Perfect for when you are away. Why heat your water when you aren’t using it?

It sets the temperature high enough so the water won’t freeze but not as high as when you are home. This lowers the amount of energy your water tank is using and saves you money on your energy bill.

To put your water heater into vacation mode go to the heater’s thermostat and scroll through it until you find vacation mode.

If it doesn’t have a vacation mode, you can manually lower the thermostat setting to to 10° C (50° F), this temperature should be warm enough to prevent your pipes from freezing.

Or you can switch the water heater to pilot mode. Pilot mode is sometimes referred to as “sleep” or “standby mode”. This is only available on gas models, electric models don’t have this mode.

This mode keeps the pilot light on when the water heater isn’t in use. You want the pilot light to be on even when you are away so when you do get home all you have to do is turn the temperature up and the water heater is ready to go. If you do turn off your pilot light, you will have to relight it and that can be difficult.

We don’t recommend you turn your water heater off completely. In winter, there is a risk the pipes will freeze and fixing frozen pipes could more than offset any savings you received on your energy bill.

When you get back, just return your hot water heater’s temperature setting to normal. Shortly the water will be back up to temperature. Newer models allow you to program your return date so you don’t have to worry about remembering to change the setting.

When you are away why keep your water as hot as you do when you are home? It’s a waste of energy and money.

Did you know the modern water heater was invented in 1899?

Edwin Rudd invented it in Philadelphia. He started the Rudd Corporation in 1897 and it is still in business today.

He improved the design patented by Benjamin Waddy Maughan in 1868. Maughan’s design was unsafe because it used natural gases to heat the water but unfortunately didn’t have a way to vent the gas vapors.
Did you know that in the U.S. hot water heaters became widely used in homes in the 1940s?
It’s a long time between when the first modern water heater was invented in 1897 to the wide spread use of them in homes in the 1940s.

In 1920, only 1% of U.S. homes had electricity and indoor plumbing. Once the plumbing codes were developed and standardized in the 1940s, most new houses were built with complete indoor plumbing, including hot water that relied on the storage tank water heater.

Do you know when tankless water heaters started to be used?

There is evidence of early experiments with the tankless water heaters going back to the 1890s. Though they weren’t readily available until 1929 when Stiebel-Elton invented the first electric tankless water heater. However, the gas–powered tank heaters were more efficient and as a result more popular.

Tankless water heaters didn’t become efficient enough to compete with the water tank heater model until the 1970s. As the tankless model’s efficiency increased, Europe and Asia started to adopt tankless water heaters because they were efficient and took up less space than the traditional models. By the 1990s, you start to see more use of the tankless models in North America.

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