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Edmonton's #1 Electrician!

Rewiring your home Edmonton

Depend on our Edmonton electricians to expertly install your new electrical wiring or fix any wiring problems you have.

Are your frustration and stress levels rising because your home doesn’t have power where you need it and the power you do have is a little sketchy? 

Outlet and Switch update, Electrical rewire, electrical renovation electrician rewiring a home for renovation in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer Alberta

Think how nice it would be to have better lighting where you read or another outlet in that room where you never have enough plug-ins. Plus think how much better you’d sleep knowing the flickering lights and spark-emitting outlets are fixed and your electrical safety is taken care of.

Lower your frustration levels and increase your quality of life by enlisting our trustworthy skilled electricians to do it for you. 

We can:

Run the electrical wiring in your addition, renovation, or new build.

We will design the layout of the electrical based on your current and future needs. 

You can be confident you will get power where you actually need it and that it meets all applicable codes and standards.

Upgrade your outdated wiring.

Outdated wiring may not be able to safely deliver sufficient electricity to power all of your devices and appliances. 

It also leaves you and your property at risk because it might not have all of today’s safety features. Plus over time your wiring can become compromised and the connections can loosen increasing the chance that electricity will escape your system.

Identify and fix your wiring problems.

Our journeyperson electricians will decipher your electrical problems and then safely fix them. 

They are essentially electrical detectives. You give them the clues you’ve noticed, for example, a burning smell or scorch marks, and they will look at your wiring and other parts of your electrical system for other clues. From the information they glean, they will identify the problem and a plan to fix it.

Apply for all required permits and manage the inspection process.

Do you know many places require you to apply for and get permits before you upgrade or install wiring? And there could be inspections that go along with the permit process. 

Our electricians will take care of the tedious process of getting a permit and making sure their work meets all applicable standards and codes. They will also schedule all mandatory inspections.

Our priority is you!

We care about the safety of your home and loved ones as much as you do. 

To that end, our electricians do everything to local, provincial, and national codes and when electrical best practices warrant it, they exceed code requirements. For example, see the section below on backstabbing.

Contact us with your electrical wiring worries. Somebody is available by phone at (780) 628-1734 24/7 to answer your call. Or you can chat with us using the Chat With Us feature located at the bottom of the page. Or you can use our convenient online form and we will get back to you.

What is Backstabbing & Do We Recommend It?

Backstabbing is a quick way to install an outlet. It may meet code requirements but we do not do it and we do not recommend it. We view it as a shortcut and the Gentlemen Pros don’t do shortcuts.

Backstab? That sounds like something your frenemy does. In the electrical world, it’s a speedy way of installing outlets. In our opinion, its convenience is far outweighed by its risks. 

The proper way of installing plug-ins is to remove the coating of the section of wire you are attaching to the outlet. You then wrap the stripped hot and neutral wires around their respective terminal screws. Once you have a good wrap, you tighten the screws to ensure a snug metal-on-metal connection. Please remember to turn off the power in the electrical panel to the outlet you are working on if you do this yourself.

With backstabbing, the stripped wires are pushed through holes in the back of the outlet. Sometimes switches are also installed using the backstab method. Inside the hole in the back of the outlet is a clamp that grips the bare wire completing the wire’s connection to the outlet. This is the needed metal-on-metal connection.

It is a quicker way of installing an outlet which is why it is used a lot in construction. Backstabbing outlets saves time and money.

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