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Edmonton Garbage Disposal Install And Repair

A garbage disposal (or garburator) saves you from scraping food off your dishes before they’re rinsed in the sink. Convenient!

Food bits are ground into small pieces that should wash easily through your drain and sewer lines without clogging. 

If you don’t have a garbage disposal, consider saving effort in kitchen cleanup by having one installed.

Garburator, garbage disposal install or repair

Who should install a garbage disposal? 

Call a plumber to install a garbage disposal. 

Ensure your plumbing systems function properly by using a professional to service and install your plumbing. A garbage disposal is no expectation. 

Remember, a plumber should be able to install, inspect, troubleshoot, and complete some repairs on your garbage disposal. 

How do I know which disposal to buy? 

The main features to consider when choosing your garbage disposal are the horsepower engine and the grinding chamber. 

Are higher-horsepower disposals better? 

Well, depending on your family’s size, a lower HP (horsepower), such as ⅓ or ½ HP, might provide the grinding power needed on your discarded dinner plate leftovers. These units are best for a lower volume of use.

½ HP or 1 HP will provide a stronger pulverization of the food bits discarded to the drain. A stronger grinding ability will prevent clogs in the drain pipes because of the finer food bits.

Oftentimes, larger families, especially those that eat at home, opt for a stronger HP disposal. 

When choosing a garbage disposal, also consider the size of the grinding chamber. 

Are garbage disposals one size fits all? 

There isn’t a standard size for disposal. So prepare to choose a disposal that can fit underneath your sink. (Smaller disposals are designed for smaller spaces underneath the sink.) 

The grinding chamber also varies in size. The grinding chamber will be smaller in a smaller HP garbage disposal, to maximize power and torque.

In contrast, higher HP disposals will have larger chambers and therefore process more food faster. 

Just like a vacuum or dishwasher, higher-end disposal models are less noisy. 

How do I know if I need to replace my disposal? 

Garbage disposals don’t work forever. Be sure to follow the guidelines on caring for and using your disposal to preserve and extend its life expectancy. 

Also, it may be time to replace (or repair) your disposal if it is leaking water, it won’t turn on, the drain is clogging, or it is making a strange noise. 

Schedule an appointment with a plumber to diagnose the problem. Consult with the plumber if you should repair or replace the disposal. 

What is the average life of a garbage disposal? 

You can expect your garbage disposal to last for about 10 years. The garbage disposal may wear out faster if you have a large family and consistently eat at home.

Remember, investing in the right size for your lifestyle will prolong the life of your garbage disposal.

Is it worth fixing a leaking garbage disposer?

Most often the cost, time, and effort to fix a leaking disposal aren’t worth it. Often replacing a seal, can just be a band aid or short-term fix. 

Most likely the better option is to replace the disposal unit. 

Can I run my dishwasher if my garbage disposer is leaking?

Also, when the garbage disposal breaks the dishwasher isn’t affected. Often people assume that the garbage disposal will impact the dishwasher.  

Go ahead and run your dishwasher! 

How long does it take to install a garbage disposal? 

Most often it takes 2 to 4 hours for a plumber to install a disposal. The time may vary depending on the plumbing surrounding the disposal. 

A plumber will measure the position where the disposal needs to fit and remove pipes to make room for the disposal. After the disposal becomes installed new pipes must become fitted into the new garbage disposal.

If power is needed in the area, it will take longer and an electrician will be needed. (We have a team of electricians and plumbers and can schedule service for you.) 

What are the worst things to put down a disposal? 

Garbage disposals are not for disposing of certain foods or large volumes of food. 

A garbage disposal is in place of a food strainer over your drain. 

Erroneously, when people consider what to put down their garbage disposal, most often they consider the strength of the grinder, (horsepower and torque.) 

It is more important to consider how the food bits moving down your drain impacts your sewer lines. 

Clogs are more easily formed when the wrong things are washed down the drain. 


For example, bones, shells, corn cobs, and fruit pits may be ground into smaller bits with a heavy horse-power garburator, but never recommended! 

Unfortunately, even if bones, shells, cobs, and pits can become pulverized, they can collect further down the drain line. They will not dissolve and break down like toilet paper or other organics and are much more likely to form a clog. If you have an existing issue in your main sewer line, such as roots or a pipe belly, bones, shells, and fruit pits are likely to collect there. 

Main Sewer Line Problems Edmonton Garbage Disposal

Peals, fibrous vegetables, artichokes, and corn husks should never go down your drain. These offenders are commonly attributed to clogs in drain pipes. 

Starchy food waste such as pasta, rice, potatoes, and bread, should not go down the drain. Not because the disposal can’t break it down, but rather because they expand as they sit in water. Over time, water inflates the starchy food, and the gooey starchy substance can cause a clog. 

One of the most deceptive food items that cause clogs, is fat, oil, and grease, (known as FOG in the plumbing world).

FOG is often poured down the drain when warm, in a liquid state, but then the FOG quickly cools and collects further down the drain line. In Edmonton, the main sewer pipes leaving your home are cool. Often FOG can collect in the main sewer line, causing even bigger issues. 

FOG becomes a bigger problem as it’s absorbed by paper towels, and tampons, or collects in hair that makes its way down the drain. Flushable wipes, (which you shouldn’t flush), often collect FOG. The FOG is given structure when it attaches other clog-creating offenders. 

And, consider adding a natural bacterial solution, like BioOne to your drain system. BioOne is a natural bacterial solution that will consume FOG and other organics, keeping your pipes flowing freely.


How do I clean my garbage disposal? 

The disposal needs cleaning from time to time.

The best way to clean your disposal is to run it with a cup of ice cubes, and some dish soap. The ice will exfoliate the FOG, and the dish soap will help remove it. 

Vinegar and baking soda can also be a great cleaning solution when it comes to cleaning your garbage disposal. 

A bacterial solution, such as BioOne, is ideal for cleaning and maintaining your disposal. BioOne is able to consume the build-up in your drain and is 100% safe for your garburator. 

Also, check the manufacturer’s instructions to learn how your model recommends cleaning. 

What are the pros and cons of having a garbage disposal? 

Pros: It is super convenient to have a garbage disposal. 

Cons: Adding more waste to your sewer system can cause issues in the long run. 


When using a garbage disposal, be sure to use the best practices, including throwing away or composting large food bits.

Wipe all greasy dishes and cookware with a paper towel and discard them in the garbage. This will minimize the build-up of FOG in the drain lines and main sewer line. 

Don’t ever pour grease or oil down the drain after cooking or deep frying. 

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