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Sump Pumps

A sump pump is a device that is typically installed in a basement or crawlspace to remove excess water that has collected in a sump basin or pit. It is designed to automatically pump water out of the sump basin and away from the building to prevent flooding or water damage.

Sump pumps are commonly used in areas with high water tables or where the basement or crawlspace is prone to flooding or dampness. They can be powered by electricity or a battery backup system in case of power outages.

Is your Sump Pump acting up?

Groundwater under your home can lead to concrete cracking, rust, mold and bacteria growing in your home. The good news is even if you live in an area with large amounts of precipitation or in a low spot in your neighborhood, the groundwater can be controlled. Sump pumps are an effective way to remove groundwater from under a home.

A sump pump sits in a pit in the floor of your basement and has ground water flowing into it. When the water in the sump pit reaches a certain level it activates the pump and drains the pit. The sump pump sends the groundwater into the storm saver through either a direct connection or using landscaping to carry it out to the street. The pump will continue to move the groundwater until it is cleared.

There are two different types of sump pumps pedestal and submersible. Pedestal pumps sit above the sump pits and submersible pumps sit in the water. Submersible pumps seem to last longer, because they don’t lose the in prime being submerged in water. The average life expectancy of a sump pump is 10 years.

The process for installing a sump pump in a basement that doesn’t have one, is simple. There must be a section of concrete floor that is not in a high-traffic area, to install the sump barrel or pit. There must be no piping in the ground in this area. The concrete has to be broken up in approximately a 2-foot divider hole and the tint removed to install the barrel. The finished concrete needs to be sealed to the barrel, after install. There needs to be a dedicated electrical circuit just for the pump, so the power isn’t accidentally tripped without the homeowner knowing. Then the piping should be completed to either the storm sewer or the outside of the house.

A sump pump will go a long way to controlling the groundwater under your house, and preventing water damage to your home.

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