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Organic Drain Cleaners

Prevent drain clogs and save money by using an organic drain cleaner. Natural bacteria in your sewer line can prevent clogs before they happen.

While some home expenses are easy to anticipate, others sneak up on you. Sewer issues can become major expenses before you know there is a problem. The Way To Stop Drains From Clogging Is By Adding A Bacterial Microbe Solution To The Drain And Sewer Lines.

Establishing a balance of bacteria to consume organic build-up in your sewer lines is one of the best ways to maintain your plumbing. A bacterial cleaner will begin to consume waste residue that often forms clogs in drains and sewer lines. 

BioOne introduces bacteria in your sewer pipes that will naturally break down organic matter. It is the gift that keeps on giving, as the microbes establish themselves in the drain.


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How do I stop my drains from clogging?

The way to stop drains from clogging is by adding a bacterial microbe solution to the drain and sewer lines. Bacterial microbes will digest, fat, oil, grease (FOG), and other waste that collects in the sewer line. Just like probiotics are a healthy addition to your diet, and taking an antibiotic, the natural balance in your sewer line needs to be maintained.

Why do my drains keep clogging?

Your drain pipes should be full of living organisms eating organic matter, including FOG, that collects in drains and sewer systems.

Often the balance can be disrupted when antibacterial soap and strong chemicals kill the natural flora needed to sustain a healthy balance.

Without a healthy flora of digestive bacteria, drains will more likely collect a build-up of organic waste that creates clogs. 


Drains often clog when there is a build-up of fat, oil, and grease in the drain’s lines and grease traps.

Soap scum, hair, and FOG, often find their way into the drain pipes, even when homeowners are careful about what is flushed down the drain.

Because FOG solidifies as it cools, it often coats and collects the interior of the pipes.

Soap scum is created when hard water, water that is rich in minerals, comes in contact with common chemicals found in soap. The soap scum film is left inside the surface of the sewer pipes.

In Calgary, without a water softener, the water running through your come is hard. Therefore, soap scum is a common culprit in drain clogs.

Hair can get caught in drains, and they collect FOG and soap scum. 

What is acceptable to flush down a drain?

Pee, poo, and paper, as in toilet paper, only should be flushed down your drain lines.

Flush Only 3 Ps

Toilet paper is designed to break down as it moves through the sewer lines, not catching or clogging the sewer lines.

What can’t be poured down the drain?

Prevent clogs in your drains by not flushing or pouring the wrong things down the drain.

Personal hygiene items, such as tampons, “flushable” wipes, napkins, and paper towels are often flushed down the drain. Unlike toilet paper, they don’t break down and can clog the sewer line. “Flushable” wipes often contain plastic, and therefore do not dissolve and break down like paper. 

Insult is added to injury when FOG (fat, grease, and oil) are put down the drain. FOG collects on tampons and sanitary items that are designed to absorb. Paper towels and wipes also collect FOG. As the FOG cools and congeals together, it becomes a solid mass.

Hair, dental floss, and food bit can catch FOG or get caught on FOG clogs as it moves through the drain pipes. 

What clogs drains the most?

Most often clogs are caused by FOG (fat, oil, and grease).

Sometimes homeowners are surprised when a drain clog occurs, even when they have been very careful not to flush tampons, wipes, and food bits down the drain.

FOG is most often the culprit when it comes to drain clogs.

Deceivingly, fat, oil, and grease are sent down the drain in a liquid state. As the FOG moves through the drains they cool and solidify, and make their home in the drain pipe.

FOG does not dissolve as cool water flows, but continues to build up in the drain pipes over time. 

Why you shouldn’t use chemical drain cleaners?

Chemical drain cleaners like Drano create a chemical reaction, intending to melt the clog. Unfortunately, not only can this method damage your drain pipe, but it also disrupts the bacterial balance in your sewer line.

The harsh chemicals used to dissolve the clog wipe out the bacterial flora that is needed to consume the waste that creates clogs.

Bacterial microbes digest FOG, waste, soap scum, and solids that can become trapped in the drain.

If you have used a chemical cleaner, like Drano, be sure to reintroduce a bacterial solution into your drain line, such as BioOne. Increase the doses of BioOne to your sewer line reestablishing the bacteria microbes needed to consume waste that collects in the drain. 

How do you unclog a drain without harsh chemicals?

A safe alternative to chemical drain cleaners is BioOne and bacterial microbe solution that will introduce vegetative bacteria that will consume waste.

BioOne will not damage your drain pipes, it is safe for the environment and continues to break down FOG, waste, and other culprits that contribute to clogs in the sewer lines.

Each of dose BioOne reintroduces bacteria that create a natural balance. Like probiotics for your drain, the vegetative microbes digest waste leaving behind only water and CO2. Link for graphic

The change will not be immediate, but over time collection of FOG, and other organic waste will be consumed by the bacteria.

BioOne is recognized by the EPA as a Safer Choice and Designed for the environment. Strict human and environmental health criteria are required to meet the “Safer Choice Standard”.

What do plumbers use to unclog their own drains?

Plumbers often use a snake or auger to remove stubborn clogs from drains.

Experienced plumbers know that a bacteria solution, like BioOne, will reestablish the bacteria needed to have a healthy sewer system. Septic tanks, grease pits, leach fields, and drains should reintroduce a bacterial solution like BioOne.

Although the results are not instant, bacteria microbes will consume fat, oil, and grease, (FOG). FOG clogs and catch other waste such as hair and food buts creating bigger clogs.

Plumbers know the best way to prevent a drain clog is to establish a bacteria solution to the drain lines.

A plumber can observe bacteria working when inspecting a stack where the toilet drains are connected to the same stack as the kitchen drains. The natural bacteria from the toilet drain establish a bacteria flora that will consume the waste, such as FOG from the kitchen drains.

Unfortunately, the natural flora of bacteria that break down FOG and other organic waste are depleted because of the antibacterial products we often use, such as bleach, antibacterial soaps, and other strong chemicals. 

How do you clear a drain without a plumber?

Without a plumber, the best way to unclog a drain without a snake or auger is to use a bacterial solution like BioOne.

BioOne is a safe way to reintroduce a bacterial solution that can digest the FOG (fat, oil, and grease), soap scum, and waste that builds up and create stubborn clogs.

Antibacterial soap and strong chemicals can disrupt the natural balance in sewer lines. Just like your digestive system needs probiotics to maintain digestive health, sewer systems need bacteria to actively digest buildup in the drains.

BioOne thrives in any environment in which you introduce it. Several treatments of BioOne will establish the digestive bacteria needed to consume waste that creates clogs. Although it takes time to see results, the bacteria continue to work overtime to degrade FOG and other organic waste that end up in the drains. 

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