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Toilet Repair & Installation

Toilets are something we use every day and when something goes wrong it’s a major inconvenience and we want it fixed right away.

How a toilet works is a fairly simple concept. It uses gravity. When you flush, the water empties from the tank into the bowl, through the drain, into your house’s pipes, and then into the sewer system. Then the tank fills again, ready for the next use. 

But the fact is there are many different parts that need to work perfectly and in sync. 

This leaves you trying to figure out what is causing the problem. 

Do you need a new flapper? A new valve? A new toilet?

We are here to help! After diagnosing the problem we will present you with all the options. With every service call we will teach you how to best maintain your toilet and plumbing fixtures.

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The following signs could indicate all is not well with your toilet:
  • Your toilet smells like the sewer: You could have a problem with your toilet’s vent pipe. These pipes keep sewer gases away from your drain pipes. Sewer gases don’t only smell bad but they can be dangerous. Your sewer lines could be damaged. You need to replace your wax seal.
  • There’s a clog in your drainage system.
  • You have a running toilet: The flapper is broken or dirty and isn’t plugging the drain properly at the base of the tank, allowing water to continuously flow from the tank. There’s a problem with the chain that runs from the flush handle to the flapper. It’s either too long, too short, or broken. There’s a problem with your refill tube. The float needs adjustment.
  • Your toilet has cracks or scratches in the porcelain. Bacteria and dirt hide in cracks and it is almost impossible to get your toilet clean. A crack could lead to a break and water all over your bathroom floor.
  • You have a higher water bill than usual. This could indicate your toilet is using more water than usual or there is a leak in your system.
  • Your toilet keeps clogging no matter how many times you plunge it. This could mean you have a clog further down your pipes and you need to call in a professional to clear it. Something could be lodged in your toilet and is not allowing things to pass properly.
  • Your toilet is leaking. There are several causes to a leaking toilet, including: you need a new wax seal, a broken water supply line, loose bolts, misaligned pipes and valves, a damaged tank or bowl, a rusted fill valve.
  • It takes more than one flush. You could have a broken flapper. You could have hard water and it has left a mineral buildup in your pipes which blocks healthy water flow.
  • Your toilet is wobbly. There could be water damage on the floor surrounding your toilet. Your toilet flange could be broken or cracked.
  • You have a bubbling toilet. The cause is usually either a clog or your toilet isn’t vented properly.

With all the potential causes of your toilet problem, you can quickly get overwhelmed. That’s where we come in.

Our expert plumbers can quickly diagnose the problem, clearly explain it, and fix it. And you won’t have to spend your weekend watching how-to videos and traveling back and forth to the hardware store because you don’t have all the tools or parts.

You also don’t have to worry about if you’ve done everything correctly, tightened all the connectors or wonder if you’ve tightened them too much. Let our experts do it.

Whether you need your toilet fixed or replaced, The Gentlemen Pros can help. From repairs to installment, our plumbers have the knowledge and experience to get your bathroom back in good working order.

We respect your time and space and make sure our employees do too. We show up on time and complete our work in the least disruptive way possible. And we always clean up after ourselves!

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Did you know there are more than one type of plunger?

Here are the basic types of household plungers:

  • Sink plunger
  • Flange (toilet) plunger
  • Beehive plunger
  • Tiered plunger
  • Accordion plunger

Sink Plunger

It’s also called the cup plunger. This is the one you are probably most familiar with. It has a straight handle with a rubber (usually red) cup at the end. They only work on a flat surface. So, it works best on your sink and tub drains.  

It won’t work well in a toilet because it won’t create a strong enough seal.

Toilet Plunger

Also called the flange plunger. It is similar to the cup plunger but it has a soft rubber flap (a flange) that folds out from the edge of the cup. The cup is sometimes smaller in diameter than a sink plunger. It can also have a longer handle.

The flange fits well over a curved toilet drain and creates a tight seal. 

If you want to use this plunger on your sink or tub drain, you can. Just tuck the flange up into the cup before using it.

Beehive Plunger

Instead of a cup, these plungers have a beehive-shaped attachment made of stout rubber. It narrows to a small flange at the bottom. This shape is the most effective and can be used on toilet drains of various sizes.

Some come with a T-shaped handle to give you better leverage while you are plunging.

Tiered Plunger

Tiered plungers are similar to beehive plungers. But they have flat tiers instead of the rounded shape of the beehive plunger.  Both the beehive and tiered plungers create good suction.

Accordion Plunger

Also called a bellows plunger. This plunger is made of hard plastic and has a smaller cup. Its shape is where it gets its name. The hard plastic cap has folds in it so it resembles an accordion. The folds help build up more pressure without you exerting more force.

Keep in mind this plunger can be difficult to use because the hard plastic makes it hard to create a good seal. The hard plastic could also scratch your toilet.

It is designed for use in toilets.

Safety Note:  For your own safety, we do not recommend that you use the same plunger for your sinks and toilets. This could lead to cross-contamination. It is best to have a plunger for your sinks, tubs, and shower drains and a separate plunger for your toilets.

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