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Shower/Tub Install & Repair

Drip, drip, drip. The sound of a constant dripping can send one around the bend. Not to mention all the water that is being wasted. Don’t worry, we can get rid of that annoying sound for you. Actually, fixing a drip is just one of the many fixes our expert plumbers can do. We’re here to help with all shower installation and repair.

Shower or Bathtub Install

Talk to us for any of your bathroom plumbing issues (and electrical ones — we have excellent electricians too). Among other problems, we can fix

We can also help you if you need a new shower or bathtub installed. Let us know and we will get one of our Calgary plumbers out to you.

Cool Facts About Showers and Bathtubs

But overall, a shower wins this one. A 10 minute shower under a standard showerhead uses approximately 25 gallons (94.6 litres) of water. If your showerhead is WaterSense certified, you will use less water.

Bathtub sizes vary but on average they hold 80 gallons (303 litres) of water. If you only fill your tub halfway for your bath, you will use 40 gallons (152 litres) of water. Most baths will likely use more water because who only fills their bathtub halfway when having a bath?

A WaterSense certified showerhead uses less water, a maximum of 2.0 gpm (7.56 lpm), Some WaterSense showerheads use as little as 1.0 gpm (3.79 lpm).

She supposedly had a herd of 700 donkeys to provide the amount of milk needed to support her bathing habits.

Contact us today to learn more about all shower installation and repairs.

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How Can Our Pros Help You Smile?
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