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Calgary Garburator or Garbage Disposal Install And Repair

A garbage disposal, known in Canada as a garburator, is a handy appliance that grinds food bits in your drain before they enter your drains and sewer system.

Kitchen clean-up is easier with a disposal, allowing you to scrape dirty dishes into the sink. Food bits become pulverized into small enough pieces to enter the drains safely.

If you don’t have one, consider investing in a disposal to make kitchen clean-ups more convenient! 

Garburator, garbage disposal install or repair

Do you need a plumber to install a Garburator? 

If you have a problem with your garbage disposal (garburator), or you need a disposal installed call a plumber

Also, a plumber will ensure that your disposal is functioning properly, and can inspect, troubleshoot, complete certain repairs, or install a new disposal. Using a professional to install a disposal will ensure that the appliance is functioning properly.

Garbage disposal installation typically takes between 2 to 4 hours in most situations. 

The plumber will measure where the disposal needs to fit, remove pipes to make room for the garbage disposal, and fit new pipes to the garbage disposal after it’s installed. 

If there isn’t an electrical rough-in for the disposal, an electrician will need to bring power to the area. We have a team of electricians and plumbers, we can arrange to have power brought to the area and install the garbage disposal.

How do I choose a kitchen garbage disposal? 

Choosing a disposal (or garburator) requires knowing the size limits underneath your sink. The grinding chamber size and the amount of horsepower and torque are also very important to consider when choosing a disposal.

Is a higher HP disposal better? 

A higher horsepower garburator might be right for you.

¾ or 1 horsepower disposal will handle food scraps easier and is better suited to a larger family or household. The stronger garburator will be better suited to a family that eats at home regularly.

Also, ⅓ or ½ HP disposals aren’t as strong, but will still effectively pulverize food before it enters the drain. 

Does it matter what garbage disposal I get? 

Garbage disposals aren’t made a standard size. Consequently, your choices may limit based on the amount of space you have underneath your sink. 

A smaller HP garbage disposal will have a smaller grinding chamber to maximize strength. Often these units are better in situations where a smaller area underneath the sink requires a smaller unit. Smaller garbage disposals are perfectly suited for smaller households or lower volumes of use. 

Larger disposals are stronger, often quieter, and can handle a larger volume of food in the grinding chamber. These units are ideal for larger households and families. They are more effective at pulverizing stronger foods. 

Can you install a disposal in any sink? 

Garbage disposals are designed for 90mm sinkholes, which is standard for most kitchen sinks. 

Ensure that you have enough room underneath your sink to install a disposal. You will  be limited to choosing a unit that will fit underneath your sink. 

Remember, if a garbage disposal is being installed for the first time, then electrical needs to be brought to the appliance. (We have a team of plumbers and electricians, so we can schedule that for you.) 

Is it better to replace or repair a garbage disposal? 

Depending on the type of repair required, you may find it makes more sense to replace the disposal rather than repair it. 

Leaking water, not turning on, frequent drain clogging, or making strange noises are common issues garbage disposals encounter as they wear out. 

Also, be sure to follow the instructions on how to properly use and care for your disposal to extend its life.

Is it worth it to fix a garbage disposal (or garburator)? 

It is probably not worth fixing a garbage disposal. If you are having ongoing issues and it is older than 10 or 15 years, consider getting a new disposal. 

Replacing the seal may be an easy fix, but on the other hand, it could be the first of many needed repairs. Consult with a plumber about the best solution. 

Often the cost and time to fix the garbage disposal are not worth it. More money may be saved in the long run by simply replacing the appliance. 

Can I use the dishwasher if the disposal breaks? 

Yes, you can run the dishwasher when the disposal is not working.

Assuming the dishwasher will not work because the disposal breaks is a common misconception.

This question is frequently asked because some of the drain hoses on dishwashers connect to the garburator, or  If the garburator 

How often do you need to replace a garbage disposal? 

Often garbage disposals (or garburators) can last 15 years but expect about a 10-year life span. 

Read on for suggestions on use and maintenance to extend the life of your garbage disposal.

Can you put anything down a garbage disposal? 

No, you can not put just anything down your garburator or garbage disposal. 

Read more to understand the truth about disposals. 

Over the years disposals have become more powerful and more efficient.  High-horsepower garbage disposals often boast of their ability to grind up bones. 

Determining the food waste you should or shouldn’t put through your garbage disposal has less to do with grinding power. 

It is about preventing clogs in your drains and sewer pipes. 

Clogs more likely form when the wrong things are put washed down the drain or put through the garbage disposal.


Remember, never throw bones, shells, corn cobs, and fruit pits down your disposal, even if it has the horsepower to pulverize it. 

Bones, shells, cobs, and pits will not break down or dissolve like toilet paper and often collect in the drain pipes and main sewer line and potentially form a clog. 

Keep in mind, if you have an existing clog, pipe belly, or root growth in your sewer line, these foot bits will more likely collect and add to the clog.

Main Sewer Line Problems Calagry Garbage Disposal

Corn husks, peals, fibrous vegetables, and artichokes should never be put in the garbage disposal.  In Calgary, toss these items in your green bin! Putting these food waste items in your disposal can clog your drain.

Pasta, rice, potatoes, and bread will expand as it absorbs water while sitting in the drain. The sticky-inflated food waste can become caught in the drains and sewer lines, causing a clog. 

Fat, oil, and grease (often referred to as FOG by plumbers) are the worst offenders in drain clogs. 

Because FOG is usually warm and in a liquid state, we seldom think about what it does out of sight and mind. 

In Calgary where drain pipes are cool, FOG waste cools and solidifies as it moves further down the drain pipe. Wastewater does not dissolve the FOG as it moves through the pipes. 

FOG catches on food bits, hair, and hygiene items if they are flushed through the drain pipes. Major clogs are created if FOG is absorbed by tampons, paper towels, or “flushable” wipes. 

If you have a garbage disposal, be sure to add a bacterial solution like BioOne to your plumbing system. BioOne is like probiotics for your drain. The bacteria will consume organic waste such FOG and other offenders that can cause clogs as it builds up in your plumbing lines.

Drain Clearing Calgary

Do garbage disposals require maintenance? 

Clean your garbage disposal once a week by grinding ice and soap.

Read the owner’s manual for your garbage disposal to learn how the manufacturer recommends cleaning.

What are the do’s and don’ts for garbage disposal? 

Firstly, don’t grind bones, fibrous vegetables, peels, shells, or pits with your garbage disposal. 

Second, don’t put grains, bread, pasta, or FOG (fat, oil, and grease) through your garbage disposal or drain. 

Thirdly, don’t run your disposal without running or flushing water at the same time.

Fourth, don’t install a disposal if you have a septic tank. 

Do dispose of large food bits into the garbage. 

And, do wipe down greasy dishes, or cookware with a paper towel and toss in the garbage.


Do add an organic drain cleaner, like BioOne to your drain, to help consume buildup in the pipes. 

Do fill your sink with water and drain while using the disposal. (This will help carry food bits further down the drain effectively.) Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment!

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