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Plugged toilets

Prevent drain clogs and save money by using an organic drain cleaner. Natural bacteria in your sewer line can prevent clogs before they happen.

Next to running water from your bathroom or kitchen faucet, toilets in Calgary are the most used plumbing fixture in your house and should not be taken for granted. Maintaining a functioning toilet means more than just using toilet bowl cleaner– sometimes you need to hire a professional for things like leaks and clogs. If you have a leaky toilet , it can become more than a nuisance—it can start a huge mess in your bathroom and also cause serious water damage.

Toilet Clog

Plugged Toilets

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With the growth of environmental consciousness, why not conserve in one of the most used areas in your house? Your toilet is one of the biggest perpetrators of water usage in your home. One of our plumbing technicians can install a low flush toilet for you which can save you up to 18,000 gallons of water per year. The Gentlemen Plumber specialists feel the responsibility to provide sustainability for a better tomorrow through water conservation. By providing low flush toilets in Calgary, our team of plumbers has saved our customers thousands of dollars on their utility bills all while saving the earth’s most important natural resource.

All in all, your best choice in finding the most suitable solution to a functioning and environmentally friendly toilet in Calgary is by choosing The Gentlemen Plumber.

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