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5 Reasons You Should Get Permanent Christmas Lights

‘Tis almost the season folks! You know, the season that makes you risk life and limb by climbing ladders in inclement weather to put up your Christmas lights. The season that tries your patience as you untangle strings of lights, replace burned-out bulbs, and make endless trips to the store because you need just one more string of lights or one more set of bulbs.

Year Round Christmas Lights

You can get rid of your annual Christmas lights stress by having The Gentlemen Pros install permanent Christmas lights on your house.

Here are five reasons why permanent outdoor lighting on your house is a great investment.

Zero Hassle

Get permanent lights and you will never have to install Christmas lights again.

Just imagine no more climbing up and down a ladder in the winter. No more figuring out how many strings of lights or bulbs you need. No more hunting for the one bulb to replace so the whole string of lights will work.

All this goes away when you purchase permanent outdoor lights.

Some you can put up yourself and you will only have to install your lights one more time.

Others are installed by experts and you will never have to install Christmas lights again.

Many higher-end systems are installed inside a custom-made aluminum track that matches the colour of your house’s soffits and fascia. The lights are invisible by day and spectacular at night.

Oh yeah, did we mention there is little maintenance? Once the lights are up and programmed, all you have to do is pick one of the hundreds of colours and patterns you want the lights to display.

Your house will be the star of your neighborhood.

Durable and Safe

In addition to removing the risk of injury every time you climb a ladder in the winter to install your Christmas lights, most permanent outdoor lights are safe and durable. 


In Canada, you can get permanent outdoor lighting that is rated to -55°C but the majority is rated to -22°C.

Also, look into how the lights are connected. The better the connections, the less chance water and debris can get in and cause problems. There are systems on the market that address this issue and make the lights essentially weatherproof.

You will need to do your research to see which ones are best suited to your climate.

Safety & Security

Most permanent outdoor lighting is safe to operate. Some companies have even gone so far to have their product fireproof tested to give you peace of mind.

They also keep your property safe.

Along with enhancing your home’s architectural features and helping you celebrate the holidays, they are practical. They brighten the darks spots in your yard and discourage vandalism and trespassing.

A well-lit house makes your home more inviting to guests and less inviting to critters and criminals.

Energy Efficient

Most permanent lighting uses LED light bulbs which use less electricity and last longer than incandescent Christmas lights.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED lights can use up to 90 percent less energy and last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lights.

Easy to Use and Customize

We’ve already talked about how permanent outdoor lights eliminated your annual Christmas light hanging debacle and how safe and durable they are. But these features mean nothing if you can’t easily get the lights to do what you want when you want.

Well, most brands are controlled through an app and are very easy to use. You can control everything from your smart device.

Each app has its pros and cons and each brand has its own selection of colors and patterns, so we encourage you to do your research.

From most apps you can:

  • Control your lighting from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to WIFI.
  • Turn your lights on and off.
  • Set a timer.
  • Schedule your lights.
  • Choose from thousands of colors and change the colors easily.
  • Dim your lights.
  • Control the movement, speed, and direction of the lights.
  • Create your own lighting display.

        You are only limited by your imagination.

More Than Just Christmas Lights

As an added bonus these lights can be used year-round. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use your lights to accent the architectural features of your home.
  • Provide beautiful ambient lighting for your backyard bbq.
  • Increase your property’s security and brighten the dark corners of your yard.
  • Customize your lights for other holidays. Purple and orange lights for Halloween anyone?
  • Schedule the lights to change to your child’s favourite colour on their birthday.
  • Program the lights for all your special occasions — baby showers, wedding showers, block parties, gender reveal parties, anniversary parties, family reunions, the list is endless.
  • Shine your team’s colours on the day of the big game.

Permanent outdoor lighting is an excellent addition to any home. Not only do they improve your curb appeal, but they also are safe, long-lasting, and their beautiful light displays lift the hearts of everyone year-round.

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