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Landscape & Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your home with landscape and outdoor lighting installed by Calgary’s best electricians

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort turning your yard into a place where family and friends can gather and have fun. It’s your piece of calm in our turbulent world. 

Bathroom Lighting, installation of bathroom light by an electrician in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer

But you only use it during daylight hours. After the sun goes down, it’s too dark. Now you want to add outdoor lighting to enhance the beautiful space and to illuminate the areas where you entertain your guests.

Great idea, plus thoughtfully placed and expertly installed landscape and outdoor lighting do much more than just make things pretty.


You don’t want to be the thing that goes bump in the middle of the night when you trip over something on the way to the front door. 

Well-placed outdoor lights increase your safety by brightening your yard so you can see where you are going. You can light the commonly used paths you take in your yard. For example,

  • from the sidewalk to the front door
  • from the garage to the front door
  • From the shed or workshop to the back door
  • Around the side of the house to the back door

And don’t forget to prominently light your house number. This is important not only for guests to find your house but for first responders in case you ever need them. First responders need well-lit, clear, and prominent house numbers to help them find their intended destination.

House numbers have a critical function in an emergency and you want to make sure yours are highly visible day or night.


A strategically and well-lit yard will increase your home’s security. Intruders don’t like to be seen and need places to hide. An illuminated yard makes it hard for them to gain entrance to your house and leave without anyone seeing them.

If you don’t want bright lights outside your windows and doors, we recommend you install motion sensor lights. They only turn on when they sense movement in their area.

Now we didn’t mean to imply that pretty is a bad thing because it is not. In addition to increasing safety and security, a beautifully lit yard can:

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Increase your house’s curb appeal
  • Make your home warm and welcoming
  • Show your aesthetic and personality

We’d love to help you with your outdoor and landscape lighting. So get in touch — there are a few ways you can get a hold of us:

  1. By phone – Call (403) 879-1759 and one of our courteous customer service representatives will answer your questions and book an electrician to help you with your exterior lighting.
  2. By live chat – Click on the Chat With Us icon below to talk with a customer service rep.
  3. By online form – Complete the form and we will get back to you shortly.

Are There Different Types of Exterior Lighting?

Yes, there are different types of outdoor and landscape lighting. Each type has its own effects and using a combination of lights will give you the results you desire.


Spotlights have a narrow beam of light and point in one direction. They are great for highlighting specific features in your yard. They’re also used to create ambience and are used in uplighting and downlighting effects.

Spotlights come in a range of brightness and amount of area they illuminate.

Flood Lights

Flood lights also point in one direction but have a larger beam than spotlights. Like their name implies they “flood” areas with light. This makes them an ideal choice for security lighting.

They also come in a range of brightness and beam size.

Inground Well Lights

These light fixtures can create a dramatic landscape. The fixtures are buried in the ground and only the light is visible. They are unobtrusive and cast a mysterious glow along the ground. They are perfect for illuminating pathways, driveways, and other thoroughfares. 

Step Lights and Wall Lights

These are fairly self-explanatory. Both of these light fixtures can be installed flush on flat surfaces. 

Step lights can be installed beside the stairs or on the front vertical rise of each step. In addition to helping you safely navigate the stairs, they add to the atmosphere of your outdoor space.

Wall lights are versatile and can be used on any flat surface including trees. You can use them to showcase your deck, around your house number so it is clearly seen by guests and first responders, or around your pool.

A tip, install them above shoulder height to keep the direct light out of your eyes.

Underwater Lights, Pond Lights, and Fountain Lights

Bring your pool, pond, or fountain to life with waterproof, leakproof, and rustproof lights. They are designed and rated to be used underwater.

In the dark, water tends to look flat or even completely disappear. Underwater lights add depth and can be used as a design feature. Some even choose to use colour lights to add a festive touch to their backyard.

Pathway Lights and Garden Lights

These are mushroom-shaped light fixtures usually atop a spike that goes into the ground. Their shape guides their light down and out creating small pools of light. 

They are an essential piece of your exterior lighting. They increase safety by helping you see where you are stepping so you don’t trip over something in the dark. 

A tip, think about how you space them. Don’t put them too close together, you don’t want it to look like a runway. You want the pools of lights to guide you. 

These lights can also be used in your garden beds to show off your favourite beautiful plants.

Bollard Lights

Also called post lights. As the name suggests they are posts with the light on top of it. They don’t have a light shield or cover, so their light shines in all directions. 

They are often used to illuminate pathways and driveways.

String Lights

We are all familiar with string lights or fairy lights depending on what you call them. Hang them from your trees or along your patio or deck to add a festive touch.

They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes to suit all design tastes. Please make sure you use string lights that are rated for outdoor use.

Have them installed on your house and then don’t worry about them. You’ll never worry about putting up your Christmas lights in the middle of a cold snap again.

These lights are programmable and you can change the colour, pattern, and movement of the lights all from your smartphone. 

You can use them all year, program them to your team colours during the playoffs, celebrate your anniversary with your wedding colours, or to your friend’s favourite colour for their birthday.

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