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Need a Trenchless Pipe Replacement or Sewer Lining?

If camera inspection shows that your main sewer line has sustained enough damage to need a replacement, The Gentlemen Plumbers Red Deer can offeryou a few alternatives. One modern alternative is trenchless pipe replacement.

Plumber Sewer Liner, Sewer Repair, Septic tank,
The Gentlemen Plumbers Red Deer is only a phone call away!

To preserve your landscaping, we will dig just two holes, one at either end of the broken sewer line. We then insert our equipment to clear blockagein the line while threading through a new pipe inside the old one.

Reline Your Red Deer Sewer Line

Red Deer’s green canopy makes our community park-like and beautiful throughout the growing season. However, moisture-seeking tree roots are theenemy of your sewer lines underground. Finding their way through joints and cracks in the lines, the roots can cause blockage and collapse.

Some sewer lines can be repaired by coating the interior with epoxy resins that harden, effectively creating a new pipe within the old one that willresist further invasion by tree roots. The Gentlemen Plumbers Red Deer has the expertise and equipment to offer you this state-of-the-art solution.

We come prepared with all the proper equipment to complete the job professionally and safely. We will also give you a minimum 1-year warranty andre-camera the line to ensure it is perfect. Your property will be left in the best possible condition and you must be 100% satisfied.

Ask us whether relining or trenchless replacement is a viable alternative for your sewer!

Call Our Plumbers for a Sewer Liner, Sewer Repair, Septic tank repair in Calgary, Red Deer or Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Need a trenchless pipe replacement or sewer lining in Red Deer? Call us at (403) 754-6648 for 24 hour Sewer information, installation, repair and service.

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