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Electrical Vehicle Charger Installations

Get the best EV charger installation by certified Red Deer electricians

You love your electric vehicle but are tired of charging it at home with the Level 1 extension cord. It takes too long! You are now ready to install a Level 2 electric vehicle charging station.

Electric Car Charging Station

Our licensed electricians are very skilled at installing charging stations to all applicable codes and regulations. Our electricians will examine your home’s electrical system, your electric vehicle’s charging needs, and the charging station’s requirements to determine:

  • How much electricity is needed
  • If your home can provide the needed electricity 
  • If upgrades are needed
  • If your electrical panel has room for a new circuit breaker if needed
  • The path the wiring will take from the electrical panel to your new charger


The City of Red Deer requires an electrical permit to install an electric car charging station. This permit must be applied for by a licensed electrical contractor with a Master electrician designation who also has a Red Deer business license. A homeowner cannot apply for one.


The Gentlemen Pros meet all the City’s requirements to apply for your electrical permit. We will even arrange the required inspections.


Let’s get you charging! Contact us to book an appointment. You can:

  • Call us at (403) 755-4914 
  • Fill out our online contact form and one of our helpful customer service agents will reach out to you
  • Click on the red Chat With Us icon at the bottom of the page

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Vehicles - Part 2

For answers to other frequently asked questions, check out Part 1 and we explain the different types of electric vehicle chargers here.

Are There Different Types of Electric Vehicle Connectors (Plugs)?

Yes, there are different types of connectors to charge your electric vehicle. The connector is the plug at the end of the charging cable you insert into your vehicle’s charging port. The electricity travels from the charging station through the charging cable and into your electric vehicle through the connector.

First, your electric vehicle will use one type of connector to charge using a Level 1 or Level 2 charger and a different style of connector to charge using a Level 3 charger.

The majority of Level 1 and Level 2 chargers and electric vehicles in North America use the standard SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) J1772 receptacle and outlet. This connector is also known as a J plug or a Type 1 connector.

With this connector, you can charge your electric vehicle at any Level 1 or Level 2 charger in Canada or the United States.

Unless you drive a Tesla. Tesla has a proprietary connector called a NACS (North American Charging Standard). To charge at a standard Level 2 charger, Tesla vehicles must use a Tesla to J1772 adapter. 

Tesla also has a proprietary Level 2 charger. Non-Tesla vehicles can use this charger using an adapter.

Second, there are three different connector types for Level 3 DC charging stations.

SAE Combo Connector

This Level 3 connector is used by most major automakers except for Tesla. It combines the DC and AC (SAE J1772) charging inlets into one large plug. It is also called a CCS (combo charging system).

Please check your electric vehicle’s specifications to see if this connector is compatible with your vehicle.

CHAdeMO Connector

CHAdeMO was the first widely used DC fast-charging connector. Today it is pretty much used only by Nissan and Mitsubishi.

It can be used at Tesla charging stations with an adapter.

Tesla Supercharger Connector

This is Tesla’s proprietary connector to be used with Tesla charging stations. It is compatible only with Tesla vehicles.

What is an Electric Vehicle Energy Management System?

An electric vehicle energy management system (EVEMS) or energy management system (EMS) is an option if your current electrical service cannot handle the additional electrical load of a Level 2 home charging station.

These systems allow you to charge your electric vehicle without overloading your home’s electrical service. They measure the total load being drawn from the electrical panel and they will let your vehicle charge only when the required electrical capacity is available. When the capacity is not available, the system will automatically stop charging your car.

They can give you peace of mind by preventing your electrical panel from being overloaded and protecting your electrical vehicle, electrical system, and other electrical devices from damage caused by an overloaded panel.

Do You Have Any Tips on Safely Charging My Electric Vehicle?

The following are some guidelines for safely charging your electric vehicle.

Tip #1

Follow the automaker’s instructions on how to charge your vehicle.

Tip #2

Earlier in this post we discussed the different connector types. So make sure you are charging at a compatible station.

Tip #3

If your home charger (Level 1 or Level 2) is malfunctioning, stop using it and call an electrician. Also, don’t use it if it is showing signs of excessive wear or damage. Both can be a shock hazard.

Tip #4

Always safely store your charging cable. You don’t want to trip or accidentally drive over it because you left it on your garage floor. And you especially don’t want your children playing with it or any of the other charging components.

Tip #5

Don’t charge in wet conditions. Electricity and water are a dangerous duo. If you must charge in the rain, make sure the charger and the charging cable are not exposed to the water.

Tip #6

Don’t use a damaged charging cable. Inspect your charging cable regularly.

Tip #7

Only use safety-certified charging stations. These have met specific safety standards to protect you and your vehicle.

Tip #8

Follow the maintenance guidelines in your owner’s manual for your home charging station.

Tip #9

For Level 1 charging, never use an extension cord or a multi-plug adapter. And make sure you use an outlet that has the correct amperage.

Tip #10

Make sure the connector plug fits snugly into your car’s charging port. A loose connection is an unsafe connection.

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