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If you’re looking for a plumber with a wealth of experience and knowledge, call The Gentlemen Plumbers. Our technicians have the skills necessary to tackle any sort of repair, replacment or new installation.

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Plumbing Services

We are a family-owned medium-sized plumbing company that specializes in residential repair, replacements and new installations.

Our work is performed by our licensed professional plumbers and exceeds the standards set out by the Plumbing Code of Canada. 


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are also proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and the thousands of 5-star customer reviews we’ve attained over the years.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Up to 6 Year Warranty (ask us for details).

Our commitment to you is 100% satisfaction. We will provide you with top notch, professional plumbers in Red Deer who will work with you and understand your goals. If the work is not done to local, provincial and national guidelines, we will refund your money. Our plumbing technicians are fully insured, bonded and licensed for your protection. 

Dealing with Sewer Backups

Plumbing, Drains & Sewer Services

At the first signs of plumbing trouble—a slow drain, unpleasant odour, signs of moisture, mould, mildew, or non-stop dripping, call Canada’s most trusted plumbing contractors, The Gentlemen Plumbers! All our technicians are well equipped to fix any plumbing problem. From leaky toilets to roughing in the water line, The Gentlemen Plumbers have a plumber in Red Deer to get your home or business running efficiently again. Our Warehouse on Wheels truck is always fully stocked with all the tools any plumber in Red Deer might need, as well as parts for most models of toilets, hot water tanks, pipes, etc. If it is a replacement plumbing fixture you are in need of, we also have many replacements on hand. 

With The Gentlemen Plumbers’ competitive prices and free inspections you can stay ahead of any unforeseen plumbing repairs and save money down the line. We encourage all of our clients to enroll in our Diamond Club benefits program in order to save on routine maintenance, installations, and emergency services.

There’s no good time for a drain to back up or stop functioning – but it always seems to happen at the worst possible time! Whether your plumbing emergency happens at 12 noon or 12 midnight, The Gentlemen Plumbers Red Deer come prepared to solve the problem on the spot.

Rest assured that we won’t pour corrosive chemicals down your pipes to clear blockage. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously! We employ augers to clear large debris and use BioSmart, a safe and natural enzymatic cleaner to clear organic matter and grease from your pipes.

If you’re the owner of an older home, you’ve probably heard the horror stories of the mess and expense of a blocked sewer line.

The Gentlemen Plumbers Red Deer has the technology and highly skilled and trained plumbers to give you solutions for sewer lines. We can fix dips and sags, back grade, collapsed pipes, root intrusions and broken pipes.

At The Gentlemen Plumbers we take pride in in fixing your sewer line the right way the first time.

Sewer Line Camera Inspection – Locating and evaluating the condition of your sewer line are the essential first steps to proper repair. The Gentlemen Plumbers Red Deer offers you before and after camera inspection to locate the line, assess the damage and then show you how your sewer line problem has been repaired.

Lifetime Warranty on Sewer Line Replacements We know that once your line is replaced or relined by our team of experts, it will outlast your home. That’s why we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty as long as you own your home.

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Plumbing Tips

Welcome to the world of plumbing tips! Plumbing is the intricate system that keeps water flowing smoothly through our homes, providing us with clean drinking water, efficient drainage, and comfortable living spaces. Whether you’re a homeowner, a renter, or simply curious about plumbing systems, this guide will equip you with valuable tips to tackle common plumbing issues and maintain a well-functioning system. From leak detection and prevention to basic plumbing repairs, we’ll explore various techniques to help you handle plumbing challenges with confidence. So, get ready to dive into the world of pipes, valves, and drains as we uncover the secrets to a leak-free and smoothly flowing plumbing experience. Let’s embark on this plumbing adventure together and ensure that your home’s plumbing is always in tip-top shape.

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