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Red Deer Sewer Line Camera Inspection

A sewer line camera inspection is critically important. Your main sewer line carries the waste from your home to the municipal sewer line. If your sewer line has a crack, leak, belly, or some other damage it can lead to blockages and backups. 

Blockages in your main sewer line and sewer backups are messy and costly to fix. 

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10 Reasons For a Sewer Line Camera Inspection


Here are 10 reasons all homeowners should have a sewer line camera inspection.


#1 Problems Are Often Undetected Without A Sewer Line Camera Inspection

In Red Deer, the main sewer line is buried deep below the surface. Without an inspection, there are no indicators of a problem until there is an emergency. 


Cracks, leaks, and pipe collapse are a few issues that could impact your sewer line. These problems can go undetected before they become very problematic. 

#2 Prevent a Plumbing Back-Up with a Sewer Line Camera Inspection

Be sure to have an inspection on your sewer line to prevent an emergency sewer backup.


A sewer backup is exactly what it sounds like. Sewer water that can not move toward the city sewer lines will eventually return back to the house. In Red Deer, that typically means sewer water coming from a basement drain. Backups are disgusting and can be costly to clean up. 

Having a sewer line camera inspection will let you know if there is a clog forming or if there are other issues that could cause a clog and eventually lead to a sewer line backup.

#3 Sewer Repairs Can Be Costly, Especially in an Emergency 

Sewer repairs can be costly. Knowing ahead of time the health of your main sewer line can help you proactively prepare to maintain or fix any problems before they become worse or before you have a sewer line backup. 

Catching a problem early allows you as the homeowner to have more solutions before the problem becomes bigger. 

For example, if you have a blockage in your sewer line and you discover this because your sewer line backs up you can incur the following costs:

  • the cost to clean clear your sewer line with an auger
  • The cost to clean up the mess
  • The cost of damage from the sewer backup, possibly an insurance claim.

Note that those costs are symptoms of a problem. All of those costs could be avoided if the cause of the clog is addressed and fixed ahead of an emergency.

#4 Landlords Can Prevent Sewer Backups 

Every Landlord knows it is hard to find good tenants. After you find one, a landlord wants to ensure they are happy. One sewer backup may persuade the tenant to look elsewhere. Ongoing sewer backups are even worse. After a sewer backup, a landlord will incur all the costs listed above the cost and time to find a new tenant. 

Red-Deer-Plumbing-Inspection (1)

A regular sewer inspection ensures your sewer lines are clear and in good working order. If tenants are flushing things they shouldn’t, a sewer line camera inspection will indicate if a clog or blockage is forming or not.

#5 Prospective Buyers Should Have A Sewer Line Camera Inspection 

Homeowners should include an inspection on the sewer line, at the time of the home inspection. Home inspectors carefully inspect the roof, furnace, hot water tank, foundation, and other big-ticket items to repair or replace. 


The main sewer line can be costly to repair if there are major issues. It is important to understand the costs of ownership and maintenance when negotiating the price of the home. A sewer line camera inspection informs you of the health of the sewer line and can be an important tool in the purchasing process. 

Be sure to have a plumbing technician inspect your main sewer line, rather than a home inspector. A plumber will have more experience assessing issues and can provide solutions with accurate associated costs. 

#6 Older Homes Need a Sewer Line Camera Inspection 

Many of the problems with sewer lines are common in (but are not limited to) older homes. Plastic PVC or ABS pipes are the most ideal for main sewer lines. They have a long life and the plastic interior does not cause resistance as waste moves through the sewer line. 


Homes built before 1970, and sometimes after used other types of pipes, cast iron, Orangeburg, and clay pipes were commonly used. It is common to discover older homes in Red Deer that have major sewer problems because of older sewer line pipes. 

Having a sewer line camera inspection allows the plumbing technician to assess the health of the pipe and identify the pipe material. Because different types of pipes wear out in various ways, a plumbing technician can advise on maintenance and or repair. 

#7 Camera Sewer Line Inspections will Detect Roots 

Unfortunately, most of the time in Red Deer root growth in sewer lines is undetected until you have a sewer backup. A sewer line camera inspection will inform you if there are tree roots in your sewer line before they create a blockage.


Tree roots love water, air, and fertilizers. Your sewer line provides all three. A crack the size of a hair can allow roots to establish in your sewer line. 

As roots grow and flourish inside your sewer line, roots act like a net and collect waste. As the waste collects a blockage begins to form. In time a large blockage will prevent waste from leaving the sewer line and returning back to your home creating a sewer backup. 

Unfortunately, most of the time in Red Deer root growth in sewer lines is undetected until you have a backup. 

#8 You Are Responsible for the Sewer Line on Your Property 

A camera inspection on your sewer line will indicate if there are issues in your sewer line that need to be fixed or maintained. Any issue with a sewer line within a property is the homeowner’s responsibility. 


Now and then, a tree that is in a neighbor’s yard or on city property may send roots that find their way into your sewer line. Unfortunately, this means that despite where the tree has been planted you are responsible for maintaining your own sewer line.


#9 Pipe Bellies Are Detected With A Camera Inspection 

A camera inspection of your sewer line will inform you if you have a belly in your sewer line. A pipe belly is when a pipe begins to sag. Pipe bellies occur when the earth around the sewer line does not support the pipe.

Pipe bellies can result from a poor installation, where there are issues with bedding around the pipe or the slope. More likely a pipe belly occurs from natural causes such as ground shifting, or heavy rain and snow melting softening the ground around the pipe.  


A large pipe belly will collect waste and eventually create a clog in the sewer line. The clog will eventually lead to a sewer if it isn’t removed. A large belly requires repair or frequent maintenance to clear the wastes that catch in the belly.  

#10 Misaligned Pipes Are Detected With A Sewer Line Camera Inspection 

Pipe misalignment can be caused by poor installation. Most often misalignments are caused by tree roots. A camera inspection of your sewer line will indicate if you have a pipe misalignment or tree roots that could lead to a pipe misalignment. 


Over time the pipe misalignment can become progressively worse. A camera inspection can discover a problem before it becomes an emergency situation. 

Become a member of The Gentlemen Promise and for a monthly fee of $30, we provide an annual camera inspection. Members also receive priority service and discounts on some services. Contact us for more information.

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