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Electrical Home Inspections in Red Deer

If you are wondering about the electrical quality and status of your home, or if you need a professional electricians advice on updating and modernizing your home, we offer home electrical inspection services.

Red Deer Electrical Panel Inspections

Our certified and professional electricians will inspect your home electrical system from the main panel, out into your outlets, lights and smoke detectors to make sure your home is safe and working properly. We will also ask you questions about the electrical history in your home, that may not be showing while we are there, such as areas you don’t feel are well lit, to flickering lights, or outlets that don’t always seem to power what you plug into them. We will provide a copy of the inspection document upon completion of inspection.

  • Inspections for future home selling to ease buyers mind
  • Inspect completed electrical work
  • Professional, highly trained electricians
  • Older homes inspection
  • Thermal imaging to check for hidden hot spots
  • Professional and standard checklist

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