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Plumbing and Heating 24-Hour Service

We are available for plumbing and heating emergencies 24 hours a day. Unexpected plumbing and heating emergencies are stressful, which is why we have a live person answering the phone 24 hours a day.

Technicians are ready to be dispatched to our customers for serious emergencies. We offer this service exclusively to our customers that belong to our membership program.

Plumbing and Heating 24-Hour Service

Plumbing emergencies often include:

  • emergency sewer backup
  • clogged overflowing toilet
  • water heater failure
  • bursting or leaking pipes
  • faulty sump pump


What Is A Sewer Backup?

A sewer backup is when wastewater going into the main sewer line returns back into the house. Wastewater will enter through the lowest drain in the home. In Edmonton, most likely that will be through a drain in the basement.

Usually, wastewater will return through a

  • basement shower drain
  • basement bathtub drain, 
  • basement floor drain,
  • plumbing cleanout, 
  • or all of the above.

Sewer backups are disgusting, inconvenient and costly to clean up. (Do everything you can to prevent a sewer backup. Schedule a camera inspection for your main sewer line or main drain each year to ensure your sewer line is flowing and free of clogs, or in need of repair.)

A main sewer line backup is very different from a clogged drain. A clogged sewer line impacts the entire home because every drain in your home connects to the main sewer line or main drain.

A clogged drain will only block the drain pipe it resides in.

What Should I Do If I Have An Emergency Sewer Back Up?

If you have an emergency sewer backup do not flush another toilet, drain a sink, bathtub or appliance!  The wastewater filling your main sewer line will quickly return back to your home!

24 Hour Service Sewer Backup Edmonton

Call us! The main sewer line needs to be cleared in order for the wastewater to flow back through the pipe. The main sewer line connects the drains in your home to the city sewer lines. A clog in the main sewer line prevents sewage from flowing to the city sewer line. Sometimes clogs are formed when the wrong things are flushed down the toilets or drains. Other times clogs form because the sewer line is aged or damaged. Collapsed pipes, pipe bellies, pipe misalignment, or root growth can cause waste to get trapped in the main sewer line forming a clog.

24 Hour Damaged Pipes Edmonton

Ensure that a plumbing inspection is carried out after the clog is cleared to determine the cause of the clog.

Most often clogs are formed when a main sewer line needs a repair. Prevent sewer backups by repairing your main sewer line if needed!

Join our membership program to receive discounts on services and a free main sewer line inspection each year.

My Toilet Is Overflowing: What Should I Do?

Stop your toilet from overflowing by following these steps:

  • Remove the lid from the toilet tank.
  • Inside the toilet tank locate the toilet flapper. (The toilet flapper prevents water from being drained from the toilet tank into the toilet bowl.) 
  • Remove the chain attached to the flapper, or secure it, so that it won’t lift the flapper valve. (If the flapper valve is not sealed, more water will drain into the toilet bowl.) 
  • Locate the water supply line going into the toilet.
  • Find the shut-off valve on the toilet water supply line, and shut it off. (This is assuming there is a shutoff valve, sometimes there isn’t.)
24 Hour Emergency Edmonton

How Do I Unclog My Toilet?

Your toilet is likely overflowing because of a clog in the toilet. Remove the clog with a plunger or toilet auger, sometimes called a toilet snake. If putting a plunger into the toilet will cause it to overflow, remove water from the toilet bowl so the water isn’t displaced by the plunger. If a plunger isn’t effective, try using an auger designed for a toilet. If the clog doesn’t move, we are here to help!

Hot Water Tank Problems

Hot water is something we take for granted until we don’t have it! Waking up to a cold shower and realizing your water heater has failed is distressing!

If your hot water heater is flooding, quickly find the water supply line that supplies the hot water tank. Turn off the shut-off valve so that the water tank can not refill. Try to redirect the water. If the hot water tank is in the basement, try to redirect the water to a floor drain if possible.

If your hot water tank continues to fill and empty over and over again, be sure to shut off the water to the hot water tank. After locating the water supply line, use the shut-off valve.

There are many things that can go wrong with a hot water heater. Schedule an appointment to diagnose the problem with your hot water heater, to determine if a repair or replacement is needed. 

Frozen Plumbing Pipes

Plumbing pipes can burst for many reasons, but often because of freezing temperatures.

Edmonton winters and uninsulated pipes can be a lethal combination. Avoid frozen pipes by ensuring your plumbing pipes are insulated and keep your home warm enough for water to move through the pipe, even when you are away.

Most likely when a pipe freezes it will be against an exterior wall or the service pipe where the water enters the home.

When the water inside a pipe freezes it expands. This creates added pressure in the pipe. Furthermore, the frozen pipe prevents water from flowing through the pipe, adding further pressure to the pipe.

Often when a pipe bursts or cracks it isn’t where the pipe is frozen. Often the pipe will burst at a weak part of the pipe. This happens because of the pressure that builds in the pipe when it is frozen.

Steps to thawing a frozen pipe if the pipe has not burst: Find the main water shut-off valve and turn it off. Turn on a tap to allow them to water move through the pipe, and relieve pressure. Ideally, turn on a cold water tap near the frozen pipe.

Use a hair blow dryer, space heater, or electric heating pad to thaw and warm the pipe.

If the pipe breaks: Turn off the main water shut-off valve, if you haven’t already. Depending on the amount of water leaking, you may need to turn off the electricity to your home in the main electrical panel. Catch the water, and clean up the water the best you can. Turn up the heat and circulate air in the wet area, using fans.

Sump Pump Failure

Sump pumps are designed to pump water that enters your basement when groundwater levels rise. Ground water rises in Edmonton after heavy rain, or when the snow melts.

If your sump pump fails, water will still be diverted to the barrel of the sump pump. Use a bucket to remove the water collecting in the barrel. Be sure to dump it at least 20 feet away from the foundation of your home.

  1. Fill the barrel of your sump pump with water, to see that it turns on. Be sure to plug the barrel before you run the test.  
  2. Check the floats in the sump pump, by simply lifting it to ensure it activates the motor. (Lifting the float, replicates the action of water lifting the float.)
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